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LOL The lyrics aren’t quite right, but because of the feel it gives, I can see Jak and Daxter both singing this as their “Fuck All of You” song. Alternatively, Jak and Keira or Ashlyn have an extremely rocky, but passionate life together. Could be applied to anyone, I guess, but that’s what it made me think of.

Jak and Daxter, Jak 2 and after, hands down.

Veger, IMHO. Give it a moment to fully kick off. The chorus is definitely him.

Jak in his bitterest moments.

The friendly variant of G.T. Blitz during Jak X, IMHO. Alternatively, Errol. Both work pretty well.


So why are you a former Wastelander? :)

I lived in Spargus until i moved to Kras. Most of the poeple who live in the wasteland are called “wastelanders”.

I found that question a bit silly tough. 

No, silly! I meant why did you leave? I guess just for the racing? Or did you get tired of Spargus? Or do you not wanna talk about it? :P

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“Hardly.” He wore an easy smile that invited conversation. “I was… well-behaved in the Guard, so I didn’t end up with Kitchen muster very often, and most of our stuff came already prepped in boxes.” He shook his head. “I guess you can say I was a bit of a momma’s boy. I always liked to be by my mother’s side while I was little, and she usually made meals. I was her little assistant as soon as I could hold a spoon.” 

It was nice to be able to talk about these memories without feeling shame or the pain of trying to let go of them. Fury, his girlfriend, had been helping him through some of the ugly stuff in his mind as he grew out of being a good little solider and into thinking for himself. A process of doubting authority that had been begun when he was originally banished had been slowly continuing with his return to the city and a government that wasn’t a despotic totalitarian rule. 

“I think I actually missed cooking.” He snickered, seeing as in the wasteland most everything was either dried or fresh with not much in-between. “Though I always had her instructing me. I’ll have to pick up a cookbook or something so I can see if I’ve still got the knack.” 

"Yeah, I think you should! ‘Cause it’s really not that hard. Especially if you’re following a recipe," Tess said, "All it takes are the right ingredients and the right tools."

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Jak thought for a moment, he hadn’t had time to do anything fun since he lived in Sandover Village. Since he started living here, he’d been in this war for so long…he didn’t really even know what fun was. What he used to do for fun was go on those stupid little adventures with Daxter. They were stupid now, but back then, he’d wanted nothing more than to explore. Now here he sat, trying to think on what fun was. He stood up straight when he noticed the smudges and glanced up at her, “I don’t…I don’t know. Since we arrived here we’ve been in this what, I haven’t really had much of a thought on it.”

"There’s always recreational drinking," Tess teased.

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The Super Secret Ottsel Mission of Hush-Hush Daring Do


The Marauder was down and out, but there was no time for a breather with two others coming in. Veger settled back into the driver’s seat and started trying to free the car.

He wasn’t an experienced driver, and the car jerked around as he tried everything he could think of. Driving in reverse, driving forward, hitting the jump jets, anything. The car was slowly working itself loose, but they couldn’t do “slowly” with that one crazy guy barreling towards them.

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Tess waited a minute, before determining that the Marauder was truly dead. Her relief was short-lived, however. The other two hadn’t given up, and at first it looked like they might have to abandon the dune buggy.

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An experiment… Reblog if you don’t care what length replies your rp partner makes, or you are okay with some short replies or longer than normal ones.

OOC: I for some odd reason am adverse to reblogging semi-random stuff (I guess because I feel like other people are trying to compel me to do something), whether or not it’s RP related, but I agree with this. I don’t believe there is a set word-count that defines quality role playing.

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The Super Secret Ottsel Mission of Hush-Hush Daring Do


“What the— Stop it!”

The buttons Tess was hitting were setting off all manner of devices in the car. The radio kept jumping from station to station, the windshield wipers turned on and off, the headlights flashed, and the car kept lurching forward every time she hit the turbo boost or the jump jets.

One of the Marauders rammed the side of the car while Veger was distracted, and it slammed into a mountainside. Now the vehicle was trapped between a rock and a hard place, literally.

The force of the strike had sent the two ottsels sprawling, and they hit the mountainside before landing in a heap on the driver’s seat.

Dazed, Veger groaned and tried to get up. Unfortunately, he was pinned underneath Tess, who, while not fat, was too heavy for him to move. He blinked to bring his vision back into focus, and saw the Marauder who’d rammed then getting out of his vehicle, probably to kill them and tear the car apart.

“Get… off!!!” Veger cried. He couldn’t reach his knife with her pretty much sitting on it, though he wasn’t sure how much good it’d do. “Get off!!!”

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What can I do for ya?

Leave it in my Ask Box and ye shall receive!

Delicious: Cake, cookies, ice cream, danishes, parfaits, tea, coffee, or whatever else your little heart desires. Specify what it is, or I'll choose something at random. We can also have a barbeque or a picnic or go out to eat if you want!

Animal: You name it; you'll get a photo of it! If you actually want one, like a pet or something, I'll see what I can do, but I'm limited in that respect.

Gossip: Ooooh, about anyone particular?

Fight: What did you say?! This is gonna be a brawl!

Bet: I guess I can lay down some money on that, but then you've gotta see it through. No betting and forgetting!

Games: What'll we play? I'm not that good at cards, but I like 'em.

Camping: Where to? We can just go for a hike, if you want.

House: You wanna go house-hunting with me?

Shopping: Nice! What are we looking for? I can smell a bargain!

Dare: Maaaaybe.

Story: I know a few! And I can hunt up some more.

Relax: Where? How? Doing what?

Visit: Okay! Where do you live?

Advice: Sure! I can try to help.

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Tess nodded, although she doubted that it had been as quiet and uneventful as he made it sound, knowing him. Then she grinned when he asked about the gun course/shop.

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“She’s doing pretty good,” Jak smiled as well, he was so happy how Keira and he had been sometimes he couldn’t help but wonder why he had waited so long. “She’s been keeping up with the racing situation for me while I was gone, and I have a race tomorrow.” He also leaned against the display table with one arm and sighed ever so slightly, “It’s going to be pretty quiet around here, that’s for sure.”

Tess chuckled and shook her head at Jak.

"Quiet isn’t so bad!" she said, "The races definitely won’t be. Although I certainly wouldn’t bet against you. And besides, now you have time to do all the fun stuff you’ve been missing out on."

She glanced down at the smudges she was leaving all over her display case and straightened up. Then she went to get some glass cleaner and a small, oil-free rag from behind it. As she idly wiped it off, a thought occurred to her, and she glanced over at Jak. She frowned, partly in thought and partly from noticing more smudges on his end. Oh well. It happened all the time.

"What do you do for fun? Other than joy-riding and sharp shooting?"


The sun has got his hat on - hip hip hip hooray!

Hope everyone is having a good day. And if you aren’t, looook at that smiling face. I could pinch his little cheeks. :D


The sun has got his hat on - hip hip hip hooray!

Hope everyone is having a good day. And if you aren’t, looook at that smiling face. I could pinch his little cheeks. :D